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A list of games I work or have worked on. The games in the “finished” section might be jam games are not necessarily “done” to every extend of the word.

For more continuous and frequent updates you can follow me at @TheCrouchMode on Twitter.

Works in progress

Time King’s Tower

A top-down online multiplayer action game about pushing the other players off a platform. Currently aimed for a an increasingly unlikely 2015 release.


The Final Dungeon is a Bad Place to have a Vacation

A first person RPG involving leveling both up and down.



The Game of Choice

Made during Global Game Jam 2015. The idea was a game that would force players to make quick decisions without communicating with each other. The result is lacking in explanations and feedback but I believe the basic idea can be salvaged with further work.


Generic Space Adventures

A text adventure game with randomized text passages. Made for Ludum Dare 30.


Golf Ball Revolution

Made for the 2014 indiE3 Game Jam. They asked for “some kind of revolutionary theme” and well, it spins.